Landscape Gardening Services

Clearance & Cleaning

Garden Clearance

Call us in to clear away the clutter and tame the plant life. We can remove the unwanted plants and features to get your garden back to a manageable stateā€¦ there might be room for that nice new patio after all!

Pressure Wash - Patio and Driveway Cleaning

It may be that your walls, pavement or driveway are still in a good condition, but now scattered with unwanted weeds and a superficial layer of algae. In that case, Aardvark is able to return your surfaces back to their former glory.

Our cleaning service includes the removal of debris, and a professional rotary pressure wash. Most notably, block paving and slabbing will need joints refilling with kiln dried sand after a pressure wash, which is fully included in the service.

Along with a clean, there is the option to have the surface treated with a fungicidal weed killer to help keep organic regrowth at bay. Frequent basic maintenance such as keeping the pavement swept clean is the recommended prevention for surface deterioration and rooting of weeds.

In severe cases of moss build up or lichen colonies, cleaning may not be possible without the surface being left affected by both the chemical change from organic growth and the aggressive methods required to remove it. In this case, it may be preferable to replace rather than rejuvenate.