Landscape Gardening Services

Outdoor Flooring & Groundwork

We provide a range of garden features beneath your feet or below ground level.

Garden Surfaces

  • Turfing

    Laying of fresh turf for a luscious new lawn. If your existing lawn is unhealthy and in need of replacing, it is worth investigating the cause of its problems. Fixing these issues will ensure they do not reoccur with a brand new lawn.

  • Slabbing

    A versatile hard surface for paths, patios and driveways. Slabbed areas are durable but best used on flat ground to avoid protruding edges.

  • Block Paving

    Great for a driveway or patio. Block paving creates durable surface that, due to the relatively small size of blocks, can better mould to the contours of the ground.

  • Decking

    Construction of both wooden and composite raised deck areas. A raised surface keeps away from ground surface water and provides a completely flat and level area.

  • Loose Surfaces

    A wide variety of options including gravel, slate and bark chip. A cheap surface option with great surface drainage properties.

  • Concrete

    Ideal for shed bases. A hard wearing surface that can be manipulated before it sets for a smooth or textured finish.



Add in a nice new water feature to your garden or clean out an existing one.


We’ll dig footings for heavy structures like walls and pillars.


Installation of solutions to redirect water to avoid puddling or damp buildup.