Landscape Gardening Services

Tree Surgeons

From tree felling to hedge pruning - and everything in between - we can control your garden plant life and encourage healthy growth. Plant cuttings can be removed from your property completely, unless you choose to keep for firewood or composting, etc.


Pruning can benefit plants as well as their surroundings greatly. When done right, it helps keep them healthy by removing diseased branches (or branches that rub together creating persistent wounds which may lead to disease) as well as dead or hazardous branches that may cause injury or damage.

You can manipulate the conditions in your garden by pruning. For example, lawns struggle to grow if they are in the shade too much of a nearby tree and hedges need routine pruning to encourage dense growth for privacy, security and shelter.

In most cases, pruning is best done late winter. This keeps the amount of time the plant remains wounded to a minimal before it heals itself through the spring growth season.


Pruning might not be enough and you may wish the tree to be removed completely. Tree felling can be conducted at any point of the year assuming weather conditions allow and are safe enough to do so.

Felling trees is dangerous and we make sure we take the correct precautions to ensure there is minimal risk to health and property.

Stump Removal

If you're having a tree felled, you have the option of leaving the stump behind or having it removed.

Tree stumps can be turned into garden features such as benches, tables or platforms for ornaments and potted plants. Just how much stump left behind is your choice. However, often trees are felled to make usable space and a stump may just get in your way.

So, whether you are removing a tree from your land and want every visible piece to go, or there was a stump left behind from a previously felled tree, we can help.